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Joe Longo

Joe Longo

Equipment List
Fender Stratocaster Guitar
Paul Reed Smith Santana
Gibson SG
Rockrtron Chameleon Guitar Processor
Korg DT1 Pro Rack Mount Tuner
Shure Guitar Wireless System



Joe has been working and playing in the music business for 38 years. Originally from New York, Joe has worked as a sound man in addition to playing both bass and guitar in various bands. Playing in many New York Bands such as Revolution and Midnight Star, Joe was able to refine his live performance persona playing many different styles of music. But once you see him perform you can tell that he has always been a hard rocker at heart. Joe has played in concert as opening act for bands such as Ted Nugent,Twisted Sister, Steppenwolf, Duke Jupiter, Ronnie Montrose and Bachman Turner Overdrive.

At the age of 17 Joe started playing for Uncle Sam, in the Persian Gulf on the USS Kitty Hawk. While in the Navy Joe organized a ships Rock Band called Gonzo Trooper while stationed in the South Pacific.

After leaving the military. Joe moved to Atlanta and played with Break the Silence a local six piece rock show.

From 1995 - 1998, Joe played as a solo performer. playing in many of Atlanta's resturants and night clubs.

In May of 1998, Joe hooked up with Chip to create Spider Kelly.

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