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PA and Monitor Equipment:

2 Carvin PM15A Powered Loudspeaker
2 Carvin 1 18 Powered Bass Bins
Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro Mixer
Alesis 3630 Duel Compressor
Alesis Midiverb IV Effects Processor
2 Digitech Vocalist II's
Behringer DEQ2496 Ultracurve Pro
2 Shure In-Ear Monitor Systems
2 Crown CM13 Head Set Mic.

MIDI Equipment:
HP Laptop
MOTU USB Midi Interface 5X5
Roland GS64 Sound Module

Personal Equipment

Chip & Joe

Lighting Equipment:

The band has a full MIDI controled light show that can be
configured to the requirements of the venue.

8 Front Fill Par 38's
16 Back Lighting Par 36 Pin Spots
2 Par 64's Spots
1 AD Vertigo
1 Stage Ape Moonflower
4 Scanning Pin Spots
25' of Chaser Lights
1 A.D. Snapshot Strobe Light
1 Elation EL-F45 Fog Machine
4 Topaz Midi Controled Light Dimmers
2 Ultimate Support Light Stands
2 Allen Crank Stands
10' I-Beam Truss
16x10 Black Backdrop Curtain

PA and other equipment can be scaled for small or large venues.


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