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The Rooftop
The Rooftop
Thur, Apr 25th
7:00 - 10:00


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Chip McFarlandSpider Kelly is a versatile high energy party Duo from the Atlanta, Georgia area. And I know – before you say it – “Oh Duo” – Two guys with acoustic guitars sitting on Bar Stools that just put the crowd to sleep with soft melodies. … Well that's not these two! They are “quite the carnival for just two guys”. Formed in 1998, the bands members, Chip McFarland (Electric Drums & Vocals) and Joe Longo (Electric Guitar & Vocals) have been entertaining audiences for a combined total of 60 years.

The band uses MIDI backing tracks and a Computer Controlled Light Show to give you the sound and look of a full band, but in a small package. The bands Stage and Light set-up can be tailored to the size of any venue. From small corners of a club house, to a full blown club stage set up.

Gene Hilbert
Their song list contains a wide variety of music focusing on classic rock hits from the 70s & 80s. But the band's extensive repertoire also highlights many familiar selections from the 50's to the present. Because of the wide variety of material to draw from, the mix of course depends on the mood of the audience and the preferences of the particular venue. The material is generally upbeat with an emphasis on a good groove that is sure to get your audience on the dance floor.

Spider Kelly is a mature, seasoned, and entertaining act. The band is constantly working on new material, looking forward to the next "gig", and showing no signs of slowing down.

Chip McFarland
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